Current Projects

Our goal is to open up new frontiers in the deep-ocean using our world-class tools, team and technology while providing value for stakeholders and significant benefit for mankind.

The “Exploraciones Oceánicas” Phosphate Project 

Bay of Ulloa, Mexico •  100 meters

The "Exploraciones Oceanicas" Phosphate Project is a rich deposit of phosphate sands identified in Mexico’s Exclusive Economic Zone, beyond its Territorial Waters. This discovery will bring important benefits for the country’s agricultural development.

The deposit lies within a mining concession licensed to the Mexican company Exploraciones Oceánicas S. de R.L. de C.V. (ExO), a subsidiary of Oceanica Resources. Odyssey Marine Exploration controls ExO through the company's 54% ownership stake in Oceanica. The current resource assessment defines the deposit as containing 588.3 million tonnes of phosphate ore with an average in situ P2O5 of 18.1%, overburden of 1.14 meters and ore thickness of 2.80 meters.

We currently have several projects in various stages of development  however for safety and security reasons, we do not disclose certain aspects of our plans or operations.  

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